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WERK Magazine, LLC is an online media platform that aims to shine light on new cutting edge talent, thinkers and entrepreneurs, as well as to inspire and bring awareness to real life matters the world faces today through editorial magazine, blogging, audio, video, and social media.

WERK was founded in 2013 by three goal driven individuals who didn't think dreams were possible to achieve- The purpose of this project is to help those who need the support, to try to get people who have nothing end up with everything. This outlet is a platform for those who are constantly rejected by the top industries, those are always told they will never become something or someone great. Like any band that started in a garage, the founders of WERK started on the couches of their apartment, in pajamas exchanging ideas and trying to discover what is missing in the magazine industry, and importantly, in this world we live in today.

It doesn't matter who you are, what you are, or where you're from -  everyone has a story WERK related.  WERK means: an individual who struggles to get to where they want to be regardless of what the media or society says you cannot achieve. A single mother of three trying to hold two minimum wage jobs is the definition of WERK. A struggling artist trying to book gig after gig, sleeping on his friend's air mattress who invests his money on his dream by purchasing music equipment, he too is the definition of WERK. We are tired of those who are always on top when we're the ones who got them there. We never hear of celebrities' make up artists, or their choreographers, or even their stylists -  why?

Our mission is to find the up and coming artists of all industries and give them the spotlight, as they normally say today's freelancers are tomorrow's leaders. This isn't just an entertainment piece of media, this is a movement for everyone to be part of. Welcome to the new revolution of pure talent, inspiring people and true individuals who are WERK!

Harii Lopez,  [ 26 ]                                            

President & CEO

Inspiring Entertaining Artist Harii Lopez , with a large and self taught background in Music, Film, Photography, Graphic & Web Design, Perfroming Arts, Game Development, and not to forget Business- Harii utilizes all areas to benefit any obstacle at task. His ability to absorb many skills helps unlock more creative projects and content he is anxious to share with the world.

Inspired by entertainers such as Lady Gaga, Ellen DeGeneres, and many other icons from music to film. Hugely politically inspired by Maxine Waters and Chelsea Handler (notice- all women icons)

"Women are the better species, if it wasn't for mothers, there would be nothing. I'm not a feminist, I just know women are better."   - Harii

Harii hopes to share his creativity through art by providing a platform for spread love and peace to the world with an honest vulgar sense of humor.